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The Commonwealth Coat of Arms

 Tribes of the CommonwealthEdit

South East TribesEdit

Tribe Duke Establishment
4lulz FluffyPookin 25-10-2012
/MPA/ LeMonkeyFace 25-10-2012
bro? ragefaceXDXDXD 26-10-2012
Beee Zehive 28-10-2012
Boxxy Qwurtzy 28-10-2012
LB 2yellowstarbursts 28-10-2012
/GT/ Anonther 30-10-2012
Nigel Lord EricT 02-11-2012
SAGE [unknow] 10-11-2012
NIG Wiggler/Shiggy Diggy 10-11-2012
DESU. [unknow] 22-12-2012
Disband Tribe Duke Establishment
chan4 hatedeath 24-10-2012
tfc JohnAndHisBeach 24-10-2012
EFG/b/ EpicFailGuy 25-10-2012
nonA TheBlackRapist 25-10-2012
Anon5 joffess 26-10-2012
DESU Habraka Abrivianius 27-10-2012
VG katmanpig 28-10-2012
YTSuba Rokhazula 30-10-2012

North East TribesEdit

Tribe Duke Establishment
POTATO TyroneTremaineThe30th 14-12-2012
RUSTLE AHands/mercymercy 15-12-2012
Rimjob singingpenguin 15-12-2012
LE9GAG douevnlift 15-12-2012
BUM bling da thirty forth 15-12-2012
PoolC thesquatlobster 16-12-2012
MILF anonconcolor 16-12-2012
/MPV/ noggles 16-12-2012
-Lel- taskforce404 16-12-2012
ANooN math you2 16-12-2012
POTAT2 LurkMoar 16-12-2012
21271 [unknow] 16-12-2012
DONGS anon010 16-12-2012
/SGD/ [unknow] 16-12-2012
LoS KoslovTehKing 16-12-2012
LHM [unknow] 21-12-2012
~CP~ [unknow] 21-12-2012
LOIC [unknow] 21-12-2012
AIDS [unknow] 22-12-2012
Poo3 [unknow] 22-12-2012
SIUT [unknow]


CW-49S TRAYVONMART1N 26-12-2012

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