Cult of Personality on his stream drinking Carlsberg.

This page is dedicated to Cult of Personality, a man of heavy leadership and a long line of information behind him. This page is also dedicated for his story and trivial information about him.


As World 64 began, a player named Cult of Personality did also. He helped out by helping new players, creating the tribe Boxxy and ruling that tribe for a measure of time. One point he got a private message from a leader of another tribe, complaining about recent attacks from players of his tribe. Cult then confronted that players whom had attacked the other tribes' players, but was called out for being a traitor.


After one person called Cult of Personality a traitor, it slowly spread among players and he was now known as a person who had destroyed The Commonwealth as a lone person. Cult of Personality threw messages among players, telling them he had spies in the tribes, he also filled his profile with information to explain how he single-handledly took down The Commonwealth, which angered many people. He had now more or less been banned from every tribe, including his own, although he easily got into the tribes again using TOR to multi-account.

Time passed by and people migrated to World 67, where Cult of Personality was nowhere to be seen. People had thought they had escaped him, but short were the fuse until someone noticed mysterious presence of a player called Cultist. Heavy discussion took place about whether or not it was Cult of Personality himself, considering the very identical profile and the identical village names. It wasn't long until someone started throwing feces at Cultist and people followed in his heels, although now most people had lost their anger towards him.


Cult of Personality was no longer known as a culprit and was accepted into The Commonwealth again, he made a long apologizing thread and informing all players that if they migrated onto World 69 with him, he would secure a prosperous victory. People were tired of World 67 as they all knew it had already failed, and agreed to migrate with him, TyroneTremaine later took the lead (against the will of pretty much everyone involved). So in the end, Cult is a faggot, but in the CW we're all faggots together.