DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack or DoS (denial-of-service) attack, is the action of causing a heavy load on servers causing the servers to slow down or in the end, shut down. This tactic exists within the Tribal Wars universe.

NOTE: This tactic no longer functions in Tribal Wars.


The beginning of the found DDoS method, was in World 67, when a bunch of /b/ros set forth to try and spam a thread. They held enter as they posted a message, and within seconds the thread had a mass amount of messages. Not only did it fill up the pages in an instant, but some players had noticed a heavy load on the servers through various of lagspikes. These lagspikes always happened as people were spamming the most, and they ended up finding a vulnerability in the Tribal Wars servers. People made a whole board in the Tribal Wars tribes, and new accounts to spam, and people slowly got picked off and banned, one after one.


Shortly after the DDoS, the admins took down the server for a short time. As the servers then returned, a message had landed in everyone's mailbox; they had found the problem of the DDoS and had now fixed it. To apologize for the lagspikes and the downtime, they awarded every player with a week of premium. Which the /b/ players were more than happy to accept.

The BestEdit

A month or two after the problem had been fixed, players had migrated to World 69. One player checked if the DDoS vulnerability was still in tact, and after the spam some people on the Skype Conversation Call complained about the lag. The problem had not been fixed yet. Sunday the 2nd was the day of the great The Best raid, this consisted in a bunch of /b/ players collecting together, going into their own tribe and at 8 PM GMT, they would all put a heavy load on the server.

How toEdit

How to do a Tribal Wars DDoS is simple and uncomplex.

  1. Make a thread on any board on the Tribal Wars internal tribe forums.
  2. When you post, hold down enter so the post will be repeated until you let go.

As players noticed this was a common problem with Tribal Wars, they started developing code for various of programs. Here is an example for the program AutoHotkey.

toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

    Toggle := !Toggle
     While Toggle{
        sleep 100

This is activated on the following method:

  1. Upon making a thread, before clicking Send enable AutoHotkey
  2. Hover your mouse over the Send button and press F8 once.
  3. Go get a drink or sleep for half an hour