Below can be found a list of generally used terms in the commonwealth, this will allow newfriends as well as oldfriends to de-code some of the terms used by certain players. If something is missing, feel free to add onto.

General Edit

Villa - Village

Caramelwhale - Commonwealth (There exists many different ones, such as Carmenwalth, Cinnamonwall, the abbrevation CW works as well etc.)

Shekels - Resources of any sort, for example 3.000 clay would be considered shekels.

Forum Edit

Ethnic Forum Cleanser - Term used about a person who cleanses the forum of it's content, for example if someone deletes a post or an entire thread on the forum, he will be named the Ethnic Forum Cleanser.

Hatforce - Like triforce, but with Nobleman's hats.

Units Edit

Spearnig - This works with almost every unit, whether spearnig or swordnig.

Olafs - Axe Fighters/Axemen

Nobleboble - Nobleman

Buildings Edit

Whorehouse - Warehouse

Mines - All 3 resources generators in a village, meaning both Iron Mine, Clay Pit and Timber Camp.