Joffess joined The CW in early W64, joining the tribe DESU under tyronetremaine (then whatever100). Later Tyrone got banned (who could've guessed) leaving joffess as the duke.

Joffess later had to leave Desu due to a reorganization and established the tribe "anon5".

Together with LeMonkeyFace he also joined the high performance world, leading 20 hunfry anons.

Joffess performed well, only to get attacked by a player twice his size during the night. Realizing that he was losing, Joffess made the only reasonable choice. He contacted the player that was attacking him and the two agreed to merge account.

This moved Joffess up to rank three in the HP world, but he would not forget. Late at night joffess sent in a ticket, admitting to multi accing, thus resulting in a ban of both joffess's original account and the account of his co-player. He also sent away attacks from all villages toward players of the co-players tribe and cleansed a couple of them.

Soon after Joffess had to retire from tribalwars, due to personal issues.

Return of the kingEdit

When the raid of w69 started, Joffess had yet not come back. But a late night a week after the start, he stumbled upon a thread on /b/, and decided to join.

Joffess now goes under the nick joff3ss, and is the leader of [AIDS] together with his old leader, Tyrone. And thus the circle is completed.

Joffess is also playing on the account Queen loli, as duke of the newfag tribe /MR/.

War against Haul!Edit

In the early stages of W69 a tribe named haul! started a war against the CW because they underestimated them (they didn't start an official war, they just attacked a couple of times). After a week of attacking back and forth (and one nobled village by Lord leeroy Jenkins), joffess decided to take the front and thus organised a planned attack during the night between the seventeenth and eighteenth of june 2013, this massoffensive resulted in 7 haul! players being nobled and most of them jumping ship.