Le Monkey Face (Lemon Key Face) is a player who joined in W64 at the beginning of the raid.

He was a Duke of Moots Private Army, and from near the beginning he took a leading role in organisation and being the go-to guy for big events.

He was not a faggot. He rarely took the piss, and he was always the cool and calm mediator, a natural-born leader.

The Chosen OneEdit

Inno games were so shocked at the vast number of new players in a concentrated area, in one alliance, they had to ask what was going on. They suspected bots.

They had a quick look through the forums, and they found a 'leader' to talk to. It was Lemon. He was the chosen one. They asked him, had a quick chat and so they decided on a way to check that we were real people.

For a week, Inno staff watched how much activity went through the forums, and they found that it was legitimate, but they still had to be sure. After that point, every member of the commonwealth had to fill in captchas on a regular basis, many of them were pissed off by this.

Lemon was a god amongst men, and a true hero. He kept the W64 raid alive, and without him on W66 we will struggle. However, we will prevail, in the name of LemonKeyFace!

Every good thing comes to an endEdit


RIP in peace Lemon Key Face

At the very beginning of 2013, Le Monkey Face had to leave the game. He was going backpacking in asia, to have a good time and enjoy being young. He was sorely missed by every member of the CW, except maybe bling .

When he left, he mentioned that maybe one day he would return to the game to see how everyone got on.

The commonwealth eagerly anticipates the second coming of Lemon.