The Mass Spearnigs was a tactic often used to scare people or piss off people who traitored The Commonwealth. The point was that all players in all tribes combined sent a spearnig (spear fighter) to a designated enemy, this


This is an example of a cover-up nuke.

would result in that designated enemy having endless incoming attacks and often dodging or wasting numerous of resources on units as he didn't know what was coming. Spearnig invasions were also used as a cover-up for a real attack someone would send inbetween the mass spearnig, this would end up clearing the city without him having any clue of what had happened in the end.

The storyEdit

The story of the copy pasta dates back to World 64, back then someone got the idea of sending a spearnig per member of the tribe to a random player, this got a quick light and most players agreed. The player ended up scared, and even people in other continents of the world would send spearnigs.

One player had sent 2 spearnigs instead of just 1, this had frightened a lot of people as many would be scared of the context of how that would have happened. One player (CyberPolice) imagined it as the 5-eva story, and later rewrote it to as is below.

"me sperman was walkin2 you base wit his gf n dey were nearing da wall

his gf sed "bbz, will u luv me spear evr?"

he sed "NO..."

da gurl ran into da wall b4 she culd shethe her spear

man was cryin and went to pic up her body

she was ded

he whispered 2 her corps "i ment 2 sey i will luv u SWORD-ever" (dat mean he luv her moar den spear ever!)"