Shoe on head is a rustle method/tactic of acquiring an image of a person with a shoe on their head. Often associated with a timestamp to make sure it is not a forged or fake image.

Shoes from TW1 Edit

In Tribal Wars 1's Commonwealth, two pictures of shoes on heads were collected. As a requirement to join the tribe, you must've taken a picture of your head with a shoe attached on top, obviously most /b/rothers knew this was a trick and didn't fall for it, but all new players who really wanted to join followed along and gave us /b/tards a picture of their head with a shoe on top. It was also an 

often used rustle technique as explained earlier, where if someone was getting rustled by a /b/friend, the /b/fella would ask the rustled player to submit a picture of a shoe on his head in order for the rustle to stop. Oddly this was highly effective and proved to give a lot of images with people and their shoes on their heads.

Shoes from TW2 Edit

So far none have been gotten, but look not far into the future, and people might fall for the trick.