StabbyMcluvin was an active part of the newfag NE commonwealth.

He reigned terror down on both of the speed rounds, and was establishing "quite a presence" as one of his adversaries in k28 described him

Unfortunately, our hero Stabby was brutally b& by members of the tribal wars staff on 5 Saturday, 2012.  The punishement for them is ongoing.


There is no evidence against stabby.

There is however, significant evidence that the tribal wars staff has been infiltrated by homophobic faggots.  A cleansing period is in the process to correct this problem. 



While AnalAvenger(now XxUrDoNeKiDxX) and loliloveloli emerge as the dominant presence in k28, a number of imitators have emerged in various parts of w64.  These include Stabby the Second, Sir StabsALot, ImGonnaStabYouRoughly, and StabMePls.