TaskForce404, also called Task for short, led the great tribe AnonUnited during

The logo used by TaskForce404

the raid of World 64. Towards the end of the raid, before it's downfall, TaskForce404 was the most honored leader in the South-East region. Though his methods of gaining leadership of AnonUnited seem traitorous, he has proven himself as a great leader and valued member of the Commonwealth. His experience encouraged him to write the Constitution Of The Commonwealth, a guidline for tribes that follows his system of rulling.

Rise To PowerEdit

TaskForce404 started out as a regular member of AnonUnited, and through use of the forums he had met LeMonkeyFace. The original leader of AnonUnited was power-hungry and his comments began to anger LeMonkeyFace. The leader needed an account-sitter and LeMonkeyFace used this opportunity to get rid of him. After one of the members of Moot's Private Army was ordered to account-sit for AnonUnited's leader, he appointed TaskForce404 as Duke and had the original leader leave the tribe.

TaskForce404 was able to gain the trust of his tribe members instantly and made many friendships inside and outside of the tribe. His organization skills were unmatched and he set up a system in which every player had and equal political voice, yet their was still guidance from a large Counsel. His model was used by many other tribes due to it's efficiency.

Life As A PolititianEdit

TaskForce404 was not much of a war leader but he knew how to manage people. He assissted others in the Reorganization Of W64 and created the new tribe tagging system (e.g. CW-NE15) which helped with the organization of multiple tribes.

He set up a system of government within his tribe where he was the only duke, but he used his power as little as possible and left decisions up to a large Counsel of members. He appointed players special postions to control the tribe's War, Recruitment, and Information. He used his system to write the Constitution Of The Commonwealth and help others achieve a strong tribe.