The Battle of Berlin was the first close call the B4N tribe ever had in the Castel del Monte World in Tribal wars two.

The Story of the Battle Edit

Due to the initial tribe founder, Gerlock, going inactive without transfering his founder rights, the first B4N had to be given up, the members transfered to the new B4N, currently called B4NNED.

However, one player, userbump, stood his ground and remained loyal to the first tribe (or simply was a faggot and didn't read the mail wich explained everything). As things go with weak tribes, they tend to get attacked a lot, wich also happned with useerbump, who was frequently attacked over night, dropping his loyality to exactly 0, with all his troops wiped and his wall down.

He then actually read his messages and threw out mass messages to B4N and BAN, instatly recieving masses of support.

The attacker, no doubt feeling safe, attacked again. And was repelled in what we had come to call The Battle of Berlin.

userbump recieved more support and recources after that and was welcomed into B4N as Private Ryan. He renamed his village into Berlin in honor what what had happned.