The Commonwealth (TWC) (2016) was a megatribe formed out of many small tribes, composed of lolcows recruited from 4chan. The individual tribes making up TWC were usually named for the boards where the members were recruited from. /b/, /r9k/ and /pol/ had a lot of recruits.

To facilitate communication, a Discord server called The Commonwealth TWC was formed to train newfriends and to indoctrinate them in the ideology of The Commonwealth. The Discord server, (now defunct) was a cesspool and saw a lot of activity. It was where players requested attacks, formed market deals, and where orders were given from the higher-ups.

The Discord server was also used to disseminate propaganda to support the war effort against the Yakuza and various sheklekin. DEUSVULTRACEWARNOW was the main propaganda organ, and often gave speeches. King Kekka, a new recuit, was later appointed to Propaganda Minister due to his ability to rape the microphone.

After Shekelnacht, the discord server for The Commonwealth (TWC) remained active for a time. Eventually people abandoned it as they did en23 due to the gigantic amount of stupid