Hutu man mutilated
This, brave tale speak of deception;

both a leading on - and leading t'ward that provided our land, of new fagotry and cowrdess: 

the foundation neath our thinly soled foundations that root us to purity:

God's Country - The South East

The threads hung dry /b/rothers intertwined in circle jerkitory and thinly failed meat fixations

Flesh of rod, entrapment spun both ways sucketh salt from over worked dick-tations

wo and behold another raid was called,

Rally the men, no exception;

underage b& or femanon

(tits but stay on)

"I say come for a laugh but stay for hate"

404 drew near as the hour was late

And so Loclocaust trolled Lolis into existence, resist restart or stay and regroup; regroup friends organize!

members became inactive and we resisted to rise

So we were born, 1 amongst 4,

-Loli Land-

and never before has been seen in Tribal Wars 

new fagotry of this scale

without leash we are destined to fall

we were doomed to fail

But as we rebuild (and ofcourse masturbated)

out of the shadows crawled a creature degraded

So Cult took us up 

t'ward to closer

he held a cup and our dry lips took over

Streams over cracked skin to the cause sang an ode

not even MoreTimeToLift could prepare us

Not the Core nor North West saw it fit we should be told

up our pink interior hard cult meat would be thrust

We disbanded.

We lost our tribe.

in fear foreveralones ran

skiped the stride

off to others 

where some of them still hide


MoreTimeToLift was regained but restored too late

The Tribe of Free Kings a tribe of free farms

Over the horizon appeared DurX as our only fate

so the day we didn't lift we lost most to irl charms

some would refuse to leave

most succombed to faggotry 

with no more time to lift

our defeat was sure to be swift

But with land left behind the clouds did open

bestowed on 2 clueless new fags the Dukedome token

4chanshenanigans was afoot

countingpotatos with hands covered in soot

so with every member further

they begged Nein Furher 

we dont know how

our lands will be plowed

Appoint someone else!

south east of the carmenwelsh

No one stepped up with that holy cup

our lips were again dry for knowledge or power

That day nobody bothered to open another tab while fapping to a golden shower

But unbeknowst to most the genocide has begun

Tribe of free kings died and the cleansing began

Hutu's saw purity where the normal fags stand

Still they were grasping at straws

Interhame-Militia-3 copy

Until potatos decided to count to moar

And so it is history a time for bards

Arise! I said! Arise /b/tards

The rest is here now

Refusing to bow

RoodyPoos fighting along with LRA

thanks to the endless stream of new fags from the USA

Amongst them old fags too like Convicts and Nazis

and a cheezepizza for when that final cum drop gets squeezed

So thank you for listening I hope all goes well

against your tongue may a nigger's anus swell


Trolled to start in SE 

Betrayed and disbanded

Joined fractured tribes or restarted

recruited from the endless resource that is /b/



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