The biggest faggot to ever join the Commonwealth, Tyrone is probably the best player, leader and worst person on the face of the planet.
Tyrone Tremaine has many names, due to the fact that he has been banned so fucking many times.
Whatever100 (W64 #1)
TyroneTremaine (W64 #2)
TyroneTremainethe2nd-29th (multi accounts made to get the best spawning position, which he got on the 30th)
TyroneTremaineThe30th (W64 #3)
TremaineTyrone (W67 #1)
le4chansoldier (W67 #2)
Do You Even Done? (W69 #1)
plsyudothistome (W69 #2)
General of the Condemned (W69 #3)

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