The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth at rank 1

Winterstein's raid began in mid-november of 2016, allegedly as a fallout of the election results and a by-product of the desire for emboldened NEETs to Make Tribalwars Great Again.

Timeline (work in progress): Edit

Notable Members

  • Dukes: DEUSVULTRACEWARNOW, Horthy, Injusticar, Jamayy, PeaceAndLove, Riggityrekt, Satrulsis, Vestial
  • Barons: CartelCalico, dude, El Capitain Fuego, Gerald, Grrrr400, LawSama, Nerdfag, nullsec, Rage, RedBarchetta, sgt berenstein, Taiqu, Yerpal
  • Lord of NEET, Mokir9k, who was also a Baron
  • Sir Steve 1997, a fourty-six year old normalfag, former Yakuza member, that taught us how to grow as a tribe and provided us with an abundance of keks.
  • LE TOUCAN, a traitor to the Commonwealth who was wiped off the face of the earth and not even invited to the Yakuza whom he betrayed us for
  • moriarty9000, someone so stupid that they couldn't even backstab us properly
  • Vestial, a traitor who disbanded the tribe, leaving the Commonwealth fractured in game. Later found to be Innocent

Notable Enemies Edit

  • None

Notable Barbarians Edit

  • The Yakuza (YAK)
  • Nameless Warriors (N&W)
  • The Shadow Council (TSC)
  • Oblivion (OBL)
  • Legion (LEG)
  • Bulldozer Avengers (BZA)