World 67 was best world ever ty old fags


Alot there were then they betrayed us bunch of faggots

Acebren still rules K44 world 67, I gave you guys the chance to win, follow me or lelennyface, all choose lenny. you lost it for yourselves 


we circled jerked and died 

oh well

Kanam's OpinionEdit

It was a training world, we got several hundred more people to learn the game. That was always the goal, believe it or not. No thousand man tribe can win a world, any old fag knows this. But teaching that thousand to play the game and do it well (for every successful player there's about nine who fail, so we're batting .100, which still isn't bad. We've got another hundred /b/ros who can wreck some shit) is the goal. We succeeded insofaras we needed to do so.