This is information about the rise and (possibly later on) fall of the Commonwealth in world 69.

If you have been directed to this page, and you are seeking a way of joining world 69, you can do so at this link:

Just look for any of the tribes listed under the tribe section.


As World 67 came to an end for all life, and people were slowly getting demolished. People gathered and discussed what could be done differently and how to continue. A fellow soul offered we went to world 69, the offer was quickly accepted and players followed. Not long until the ever grateful leader had returned from his diminished banishment, for Cult of Personality had long been banished although just trying to lead the Commonwealth into victory. With his return came great discussion, people fought for whether it was righteous or a bad idea to let someone whom was just banished return to a greater position.


Current /b/ only tribes are as follows:

GETIT? - A tribe owned and run by vobvob (Also known as Vibrasphere)

TOPKEK - A tribe owned and run by Do you even done? (Also known as TyroneTremaine)

NORKEK - A tribe owned and run by normalfags

-CCCP- - A tribe owned and run by Le Saboteur Silencieux

SAGE - A tribe owned and run by dorn3rher0

-404- - A tribe owned and run by Kanam (Also known as Kaname Darkwind)

MAYMAY - A tribe owned and run by herpderpderp

Lel - A tribe owned and run by TaskForce404 (Also known as TaskForce404)

MOOT - A tribe owned and run by (...)

/MR/ - A tribe owned and run by Cult and commonwealth and joffess/joff3ss.

/GS/ - A tribe owned and run by SenpaiPolice (Also known as CyberPolice)

PUDDI - A tribe owned and run by le le (Also known as 

TFW - A tribe owned and run by Poodman420

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